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My name is Esmae Lear

I'm a certified Pilates and Barre instructor based in Bristol. My passion is to empower people to feel confident and strong in their bodies. Our bodies are designed to move, and I am here to help you find joy in movement. I'm a strong believer that movement should be a celebration of the body, not a punishment. 

I fell in love with Pilates and Barre whilst training and working as a professional dancer, and found it helped me massively in maintaining my strength, flexibility, and preventing injuries. Not only that, it kept my mind at ease and offered me a release from the outside world. My training with HFE, Barrecore and London Pilates Academy allowed me to deep dive into the practices, broaden my knowledge, and now do a job I absolutely love! 

Pilates and Barre are extremely beneficial for all bodies.  My aim is to offer clients a way to move that feels good and nourishing to their individual body, leaving each session feeling strong, confident, balanced and hopefully walking away feeling a little taller. 

I hope to see you on the mat! 

Esmae x

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