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Antony 1:1 Client

"Esmae has been helping me with general conditioning and fitness now for must be three years! As a 58 year old racing cyclist, I came to competitive sport and fitness very late. Esmae has helped my tremendously with increasing my strength and flexibility, which has helped immeasurably on and off the bike. Her Ability to understand my needs and to 'pitch' the sessions at the right level is unquestionably a great talent and I count myself extremely fortunate to have her helping me achieve my goals. Whatever age you are, however fit or unfit (as I was) I cannot recommend Esmae highly enough, as her enthusiasm and ability will transform even the most sedentary person into whatever you want to become!"

Eda 1:1 Client 

"I met Esmae in times of Covid! I can't thank her enough. She's the best instructor I've ever encountered who's constantly cheerful, dedicated, professional and funny! Thank you for helping me get to know my body better. "

Hebe 1:1 Client 

"Since working with Esmae, my whole outlook on exercise and fitness has shifted for the better. I am a 24 year old female and have been doing 2 or 3 sessions with her every week since April 2020, and in that time my posture, muscle strength and health has improved significantly.


Prior to working with Esmae, I viewed fitness as dull and tiresome, and always dreaded it, but I now look forward to my sessions with her (even at 7am in the depths of winter!). The main improvement I have seen is my ability to move more freely, my improved flexibility, and predominantly my strength and overall health, this is especially important as I have a 9-5 desk job! The thought of planking before I met Esmae was a thing of nightmares, but that is definitely not the case now! 


The improvements she has helped me make to my life are invaluable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone at every stage of their fitness journey, she is exceptionally accommodating and knowledgeable and I am very lucky to work with her!"


1:1 Online client 

"Esmae is amazing. I started doing private sessions with her as I wasn't brave enough to join group classes as a total beginner, and a year later I'm still doing them. she knows just where to pitch the sessions and how to personalise them to make it a challenge but still fun, and I am much stronger as a result!"


1:1 Online client 

"I wouldn’t normally rave about working out but my Barre sessions with Esmae are something I look forward to every week!  Esmae is gentle, supportive and very encouraging. She makes me want to push myself to achieve more in every session. I have never experienced this in another class. Through her online classes I have achieved new levels of core strength & stamina and leave the sessions feeling energised and fulfilled. I have even increased the number of sessions I have per week. Thank you Esmae!" 


Group class client 

"Esmae's class in one of a kind. She is bright, she is clear and she is always invested in bettering those around her through movement and fun. Simply can't get enough of this sunshine human!"
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